Persona Development Services

A Journey to ROI

At Brafton, we follow a 6-step process of persona development that allows us to deliver and analyse the precise buyer data you need, ultimately creating fully fledged personas.

These customer personas are blueprints for honing your messaging, communicating effectively and nurturing prospect intent. With a deeper understanding of your prospects, you can target your marketing efforts with greater success.

Throughout this journey, you uncover insights into your audience including:

Our Process

1. Discovery

We build out your brand personas by starting with a discovery call that brings to light all of the pain points you currently face, the goals you intend to achieve and how your customer personas are going to be used in your marketing strategy.

Your dedicated consultant unearths new opportunities for you to achieve higher ROI on each conversion and maps specific content types back to defined buyer personas.

2. Review

We speak with members of your organisation and several of your existing clients to develop a stronger sense of what makes a buyer come to your brand – what it is that makes them tick.

By collecting and developing targeted questions from your team and your customers, we customise a strategy to dive deep into current prospect metrics, lead tracking systems and demographic information.

3. Interviews

You can coordinate and schedule meetings at your convenience based on the stakeholders involved on your side. Your consultant and support team will gather critical information from your top marketing executives, which will shape the scope of persona development to ensure all benchmarks are agreed upon. User interviews can also reveal insights into the customer perspective.

4. Research

We review all collateral, interviews and findings and compare them to our own research for a comprehensive understanding of all the qualitative and quantitative data. From there, we begin the formal stages of conceptualisation and journey mapping.

Your consultant will partner with Brafton creatives to craft five specific personas that are human – not just vague sketches of buyers on paper.

5. Development

Each persona has an intended goal. In total, the goal is always to make you money.

Some of your site visitors may only be seeking information. Others may be looking to purchase from you at that exact moment. To distinguish between the two, we create buyer personas that clearly outline who your true buyers are – getting as close to the real people, behaviours and scenarios as we possibly can.

Every content marketing asset should subsequently aim to serve a specific user intent – that’s how you drive ROI.

6. Presentation

Our design department collates and curates the visual representation of your core buyer personas. We develop a polished, finalised deliverable complete with the full branding components of your company.

With logos, custom images, character illustrations and formatted demographic information neatly designed for easy consumption, you can start targeting your personas from day one.

If your target audience changes, you can use your persona template to develop new customer personas.

Sharing these documents with other members of your sales and marketing teams enables your organisation to stay on message at all times.

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Example Buyer Persona

Sample Avatar John Davidson, VP, Professional Services - Advisor Technology Solutions

Age: 35+

Salary: $110K +

Experience: 10+ years in IT experience, experience in advisory industry a plus.

What pain points would a strong campaign address for this decision-maker?
  • Security:
  • Cost:
  • End-User Satisfaction:
  • Motivations:

    Sample Chart

    35%: Needs a partner that is reliable and available, an extension of his team and one that reflects well on his organization.

    35%: Looking for a partner that will be able to integrate seamlessly with his team. On-the-ground synergy is important.

    30%: Looking for a partner that will faciliate excellent client-side service toward his organization’s commercial goals and can make the on-the-ground team’s client-size interfaces as smooth and efficient as possible.

    Stages of the Buyer Funnel

    Draw a straight line from persona to conversion. That’s how we define success, and it’s how we guide content strategy and marketing programs.

    Each potential customer plays a specific role in your lead generation efforts. Creating the right content and serving it to them at the right moment can shorten sales processes and increase micro and macro conversions.

    Targeting intent-rich prospects starts with understanding each stage of the buyer funnel.



    Your customers are out there waiting to see great content. At this stage, however, they are being introduced to your brand. They may have landed on your site organically or heard great things about your brand.


    Prospects may browse your site more closely, seeking out data, opinions, education, insights and answers to some of their pain points. They may start to develop opinions about your brand.


    You may now be in competition with other companies that provide similar services. Site visitors are gathering as much information as they can to share with their executives. They’re seeking product demos, price comparisons and any metrics that can help paint you in the best light.


    At this stage, your prospects have their wallets open and are moments away from becoming buyers. They need absolute confidence in your services, buy-in from their internal stakeholders and a flexible contractual framework that suits their long-term needs.

    Looking at these different types of buyers and the stages at which they are in sets the tone for your content marketing campaigns. Your custom-developed buyer personas are specifically designed to extract maximum value out of each stage of the funnel.

    Consulting that Converts

    By creating buyer personas, you can target your audience with personalised content, which doubles email open rates and increases sales leads.

    On average, buyer persona-driven marketing campaigns are more cost-effective and resource-efficient; they reduce lead conversion time and allow you to focus only on interested leads – the ones who count.

    Better Results

    Market your brand with intent. Make decisions backed by data.

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