Video for Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Video content accounts for approximately 80% of all web traffic. It’s one of the most powerful
marketing tools for making a lasting impression on your target audience. A single, exceptionally memorable TV advert is like a mnemonic device: If you can recall the content, it’s that much easier to recall the brand that published it.

Video is also an effective way to visually represent complex ideas in a digestible format. Case
in point, 97% of businesses say video helps people gain a better understanding of their
products or services.

Good ideas represented in a great way can provide a whole new perspective on a brand and its offerings. This is the core tenet of video marketing, and the mindset that Brafton videographers bring to visual storytelling at every phase of the sales funnel:

Brand awareness

Two-minute how-to or quick-tip videos are examples of top-of-funnel content to be quickly and passively consumed and easily shared. Introduce your brand to a whole new audience with engaging social media content like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube videos.

Lead generation

Gated video content such as tutorials, webinars and virtual tours are inroads for engaging potential customers.

Lead nurturing

Video testimonials, explainer videos and product demonstrations can all help move leads from the middle of the sales funnel toward the bottom.

Customer loyalty

Training videos, walkthroughs and explanations can help customers maximise the value of your products and services and ultimately provide more reason to stick around.

Our Commercial Video Production Services

Brafton staffs in-house script writers, producers, videographers and editors who work directly
with content strategists to ensure each marketing video is used effectively.

Our professional production teams – including directors, video editors, videographers and animators – have hands-on experience with the latest HD and 4K video cameras, professional lighting and audio equipment, and top-tier video editing software like Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve.

Whatever commercial, marketing and business objectives you have, Brafton video marketing services can help you attain them.

Video Ads

Video ads

A branded video ad informs, entertains and inspires your audience. Branded content such as this builds awareness through visual storytelling, engaging footage and polished editing.

At Brafton, our videographers can write, produce, shoot, edit and distribute online video ads that will help your company make a great first impression with potential customers. Every Brafton-made video ad is produced with a specific audience in mind and aimed at the most promising prospects and leads.

Corporate promotional video

Corporate promotional video

A corporate promo is like a video ad but with a greater focus on the people and the corporate values that drive an organisation. Corporate videos tell your brand story and can include corporate photography, employee spotlights, and testimonials and interviews with leadership.

Rather than putting products and services front and centre, corporate video production focuses more on employees at work, in their communities or with customers.

Video blogs

Video blogs

A video blog is a one- to two-minute, in-studio video production where a presenter reads from a script, usually with supporting imagery on a backdrop.

Video blogs are most effective when embedded in longer-form blog posts as a way to encapsulate the core ideas or complement information. They’re also easy to share on social media.

Vox pops

Vox pops

Vox pops are man-on-the-street style video interviews. They’re short, snappy clips that use nothing but a mic, camera and a few good questions to get real people engaged with important, interesting or entertaining issues.

Polling attendees at conferences, getting opinions on subjects related to your brand and hearing about customers’ experiences with your products are just a few examples of how vox pops can be used as top-of-funnel marketing assets. All it takes is one juicy quote to grab people’s attention.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

These highly informative, instructive and useful videos can range from short and sweet how-to video animations to 10-minute whiteboard presentations that teach you everything you need to know about a particular subject.

Explainer videos can be live-action, video-animated or a combination thereof, and can be used to support any type of marketing campaign – from building brand awareness to helping existing customers solve their problems.

Live-action and animated explainer videos are also helpful for onboarding new customers or employees. You can run through advanced product features or train new hires with ease.

On-site filming

On-site filming

Brafton’s videographers, producers and presenters can be wherever you need them to be, ready to record live footage and audio for your next video shoot. We scout out shooting sites, source on-screen talent, conduct interviews and more. Our production crew takes every opportunity to lower video production costs like travel, equipment and talent, giving our customers the best return on investment possible.

From filming an industrial video that demonstrates your manufacturing prowess, to covering a conference or product launch, our veteran videographers have done it all. We also offer photography services to promote upcoming products and document industry events.

Animated videos and motion graphics

Animated videos and motion graphics

Some concepts are harder than others to represent through live video. But there is almost nothing Brafton’s highly creative motion graphics team cannot bring to life.

Our animators can use 2D and 3D motion graphics to tell stories, explain the features of a product or service, demonstrate complex concepts and much more. Creative storytelling not only provides engaging content – it helps create an emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

Video testimonials

Video testimonials

Video testimonials are the documentaries of commercial video production: They give satisfied customers a chance to tell their stories on camera. A customer testimonial is a powerful marketing tool, establishing social proof and showcasing the benefits of your services in a real-world setting.

At Brafton, we can create video testimonials from scratch, including conducting and filming interviews with your customers, or we can splice together existing footage.

Product demos

Product demos

Video is a great way to show your amazing products and services in action. You can use visual storytelling to demonstrate specific features and differentiators that are too complicated or less impactful when conveyed through copy.

Whether you want to create an introductory video for new customers, e-learning resources for your staff, or step-by-step product tutorials for every aspect of your product or service, our videographers and animators can help.

Social media video

Social media video

Social video adds eye-catching, attention-grabbing content to your social feeds. Our animators and video editors know how to create videos that are particularly tailored to social media, encouraging shares and engagement from your audience.

Training video

Training video

Training videos are the perfect medium to show important processes to new employees. We can record standard operating procedures, safety demonstrations, product demonstrations and more. Whether live-action or step-by-step animations, a good training video can make onboarding or periodic instructional sessions more streamlined, simple and engaging.

How Video Production Works at Brafton

With our help, businesses can create compelling visual content without the high video
production cost. From planning and developing a creative concept, to shooting new footage, splicing together existing footage and adding visual effects, recording audio and everything in
between, our video services cover the entire spectrum of film production.

Our clients are directly involved in every stage of the video production process, ensuring the finished product is on brand and on message.

Here are some of the steps included in a production schedule:

1. Brainstorm

We can help you choose a direction to take with your video strategy, or provide ideas on the type of marketing video you want to create.

2. Script

If you need a video script, our editorial team can write it. If you’re aiming to do a vox pop or testimonial video, you may need interview questions in lieu of a script; we can plan questions and interview cadences designed to get great quotes and video clips.

3. Storyboard

A storyboard is a graphical outline of an animation. It shows the highlights of the video, including the script, on-screen text and transitions.

4. Film

Whether we’re travelling to your location or event, or you’re coming to our in-house studio, we’ll be prepared with all the right equipment, including the appropriate cameras, microphones, lighting, green screens and more.

5. Edit

Your video editor will parse through all the footage and identify the best way to put it all together. The final product will be the right length, and could include multiple cuts to use on social media, your website, at trade show events and more.

6. Deliver

Once you’ve reviewed the video, you can request any edits you may have. Once finalised, you’ll receive the video in a shareable format for you to upload to your YouTube channel, Vimeo or another video sharing platform.

Bring Your Brand to Life With Video Marketing

Bring Your Brand to Life With
Video Marketing

From an advertising campaign to a niche whiteboard video for industry experts, video’s versatility knows no bounds.

Our video production team and animators can help you achieve your commercial goals. Brafton services extend far beyond anything traditional film production companies or TV advertising agencies can offer, giving you marketing consultation, SEO-driven content, distribution support and analytics-based auditing.

With full-service marketing and advertising agencies, you get the total package: quality content, dedicated support and proven expertise.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial video services and how they can power your marketing campaigns.

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