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Animate Your Brand

Everyone has a story to tell. Yours is much more powerful than you know.

We bring your brand to life and make the intangible tangible.

Struggle to explain your product? Have a complex software you need to demo? Want your target audience to retain information about your brand?

We partner your company with experienced motion graphics designers trained in your industry and with a world of tools powering their creativity.

It’s time to animate your brand.

Animation Video ROI

Animations make your brand more engaging and interactive. This makes them great assets to share on social, distribute through email, feature internally and host on your website – they’re that versatile.

These are numbers you need to tap into. Brafton delivers on creativity and ROI.

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Our Process

Your animations are customised to your audience and to your business needs. We start by examining your prospects and the language they speak.

Already have an idea? We can animate it! Not sure where to begin? We work with you and your team to concept a start-to-finish product that serves user intent.

How It’s Made

Putting Your Animations to Work

At Brafton, we offer a host of custom video products that propel your brand to the forefront of industry conversations.

Explainer Videos

Animations that quickly and effectively explain information helps your audience retain information and understand your brand. Using words alone asks too much of viewers, and that’s why we develop explainer videos that are instructional and direct.

We’ve found explainers turn abstract concepts like software and data into consumable content with ease.


Whiteboard Animations

For quick illustrations and text or character-based design, whiteboard animations combine the power of art and narration. These videos work great for how-tos, educational guides and linear storytelling.

Connect with your audience by animating the messaging you need to convey.


Product Promotions

Showcase your products and services in the best possible light. Animations are often more effective than speaking directly with a sales rep, so get your product promotion videos into the hands of prospects for shorter conversion timelines.

We build out your animations to highlight functionalities, integrations, top features, key differentiators and logos for greater branding and market positioning.


Animated Web Demos

Web demos are great sales tools to show during meetings and to host on core landing pages. Animated demos take viewers through the intricacies of your physical product or software and are perfect mediums for showing step-by-step processes.

Have a complex portal, tool or digital asset that’s hard to define at point of sale? Animated web demos are the way to go.


3-D and Hybrid Videos

Animations go beyond 2-D vector images and flat illustrations. Our motion graphics team is are trained in the latest 3-D and hybrid video technologies, allowing your brand to tap into new levels of multimedia sophistication.

Fuse the strength of live action video with animations (hybrid) for additional layers of branding, product support and annotated emphasis. Or, build entire worlds from scratch with highly detailed 3-D video renderings that elevate your marketing.


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